1Life presents the Global Fixed Return and Growth Protector

Globally, investors are looking to diversify their investment portfolios and benefit from the growth potential of global developed stock markets, whilst minimising the risk of losing their capital and eliminating the risk of zero returns. The Global Fixed Return and Growth Protector offers you an attractive above-average fixed return, plus the potential of capital growth linked global developed stock markets, all in one single fully capital-protected South African rand investment. In addition, should there be any capital growth, this return would have exposure to the South African rand/US dollar exchange rate. The Investment is available exclusively in a 1Life Insurance Ltd endowment-linked investment policy.

Key Benefits

  • Tax-free nature of returns as the policy is issued within an endowment wrapper.
  • Half of the initial investment earns a protected return of 11.15% p.a. (simple interest) tax free, paid after 3 years.
  • The remaining half of the investment will be capital protected and earn uncapped equity growth. The first 75% is tax free.
  • ZAR/USD FX exposure on any growth.
  • Offshore equity exposure via cutting-edge index exposure.
  • Minimum investment amount of R100 000.
  • 100% Capital protection.
The security afforded to you on this investment, is encompassed in the relationship between the partners. 1Life, the number one direct life insurer in South Africa for the last seven years, is the underwriter of this product. ABSA, one of the top four banks in South Africa is the issuer and guarantor of the product, and Wealthport, recently recognised as the Best Linked Investment Service Provider (LISP), as well as having the Best Technology Platform for 2017 at the Annual Africa Structured Products and Alternative Investments Awards, is the company administering the product.  

Application Open Date:     13 January 2020
Application Closing Date:  10 March 2020
Investment Date: 17 March 2020

Wealthport take-on and investment requirements:

  • Fully completed and signed Endowment application form (attached)
  • An interactive indicative auto-calculating quote, signed by the investor & advisor (attached)
  • FICA documents (list attached)

Important information:

  • Wealthport requires all application requirements to be satisfied, including the correct investment amount reflected in the stated bank account, by midnight on 10 March 2020.
  • This issue will be subject to a maximum prescription amount and Wealthport will communicate to you and your client if money deposited exceeded the prescribed level and return such funds to the bank account from where it was received.
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