Environmental World Index Autocall

Wealthport in partnership with Investec Structured Products is proud to be able to host the Environmental World Index Autocall on its platform.

The Investec World Index Autocall is the first structured product to be issued in South Africa over an Environmental World Index, giving investors access to world equity markets, whilst considering their environmental impact.

The Environmental World Index Autocall provides exposure, in rand, to the Euronext CPD Environmental World Index. This autocall will be listed on the JSE and pay an enhanced return of 25% per annum if the index is flat or positive over the term.

Summary of investment

  • A maximum five-year investment linked to the performance of the Euronext CDP Environment World Index in Rand.
  • This Autocall pays a return of 25% per annum, provided the index is flat or positive in year 3, 4 or at maturity in year 5.
  • R100 000 minum investment and increments of R1 000 thereafter
  • A maximum possible return of 125% (25% x 5).
  • 100% downside protection¬†provided the index does not fall for more than 40% on the maturity date.

Closing Date: 16 March 2020