Your Dashboard

When signing up with Wealthport, you also gain the ability log in to our Wealthport dashboard.

Your dashboard is a convenient representation of your ‘book’ that intelligently displays what is most important to you as an advisor and client. Since the dashboard was built by financial advisors working closely with developers, you can rest assured that this was built with the aim of providing the ultimate client experience.

Practice in your pocket

Have all of your commissions in one place giving your business the ultimate portability. We take care of all the hard work so that you can focus on what’s most important.

When your dashboard is created, it is white-labeled for you. This means that your dashboard will look and feel like it is your own. Our team of developers will customize it to your liking.

List all of your clients

By adding all of your clients to your dashboard, you gain unique insights into their portfolios. You can quickly find them by filtering, searching by unique identifiers.

Do the simple things well.

The clients’ dashboard

View all of the information about your clients at a glance. By integrating with the Wealthport API, you’re able to see live data; add assets and debts; see historical investment performance; download pre-populated transactional forms and upload FICA documents.

What’s more, Wealthport gives your client the ability to log in and view their dashboard as well.

Financial Planning

Wealthport offers the ability to do forecasting while planning which enables the advisor to ensure that their clients’ financial needs are met.

The Dashboard takes you from planning straight through to implementation.