What we offer

At Wealthport we focus on providing the ultimate technology to assist Advisors manage their client base. We do this by providing innovative solutions that get clients engaged by assisting them to consolidate their financial lives. This dramatically reduces the administration load for the advisor so they can focus on the things that really matter, like the clients’ investment goals.

Advisors and clients have access to the full offering of investment products in South Africa. Wealthport is the first company in South Africa to provide access to unit trust, Exchange traded funds and structured products all on one investment platform.

Through efficiencies and streamlined processes designed into our technology we pride ourselves on the ability to reduce costs to clients. Simple standardized business rules also make transacting quick, simple and reliable.

Our reporting to both advisor and client through a customized user interface is what sets us apart and helps us deliver on the ultimate client and advisor experience.


Wealthport offers investors a choice of a discretionary portfolio or alternatively one of the Wealthport Retirement Fund portfolios, consisting of a Retirement Annuity Fund, Pension Preservation Fund, Provident Preservation Fund and Living annuities. In addition, Wealthport has the ability to provide full employee benefits administration as it has a 13B individual employee benefits administration license. Any of the investment options offered can be combined within a portfolio. Wealthport is one of the rare investment platforms to allow the combination of ETFs and Unit trusts within a Retirement Fund portfolio or discretionary portfolio. Wealthport provides access to structured products which can be added to portfolios. Wealthport also has a STRATE license allowing it to trade shares.

Model Portfolios

Wealthport is the most modern platform in SA having pioneered innovation that our competitors have followed. Wealthport has the most advanced wrap fund or model portfolio technology available. The use of model portfolios has grown worldwide as advisors have professionalized their practices. Wealthport can host wrap funds constructed by any Category II licensed discretionary fund manager. Model portfolios provide the optimal way to improve compliance and reduce costs and advice risks associated with running multiple bespoke portfolios. Models can be constructed with the use of any funds available in SA. The best outcome for clients is achieved through the cost saving as funds used in models are priced much lower as the platform uses its scale to negotiate the best price for advisors and clients.

Investment Options

Wealthport provides advisors with access to the widest range of investment products in SA including unit trusts, ETF’s and Structured Products.

State of The Art Investment Administration Technology

We realise that streamlined administration can greatly simplify the investment process, from initial decision-making and placing instructions, until the final transaction is completed. The backbone of Wealthport is a professional, experienced administration team supported by custom-built technology, which is tailor-made for the environment. Expertly engineered processes and systems enable us to offer only the best when it comes to delivery times, service and security.