Wealthport is an award-winning platform for investing, making thousands of transactions daily and is SA's fastest growing LISP platform.

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Why Wealthport?


To be independent-, is to be free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority. And in the world of investment management, there’s no position more powerful than that of the truly independent.


Not everyone can break with tired traditions, challenge the status quo, and affect change that shakes up an industry. But we can. And we have. And the beautiful thing with innovation, is it only takes one to innovate.


Simple is a term that’s thrown around a lot, but is far too often is easier said than done. We’ve made complex financial planning simple, by putting everything you and your clients need, in a single, simple dashboard. We call this, the Power of i.

The best tech platform in Africa

Wealthport gives you access to the best LISP platform in Africa. This allows you to make the best decisions for your clients.

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A good investment process is critical in today's marketplace.

As a Financial Advisor, you may choose a custom fund selection for your clients or you may partner with an expert Discretionary Fund Manager and make use of the models that they provide.

A model portfolio is significantly more cost effective than a traditional fund solution and makes it easy to deliver a consistent and professional service to your clients. A good investment process and the ability to implement it timeously are critical in today’s marketplace and complex regulatory environment.



Your data is safe

All our data is secured using Sha256 With RSA Encryption certificate signature algorithm. What does this mean? Basically, any communication between our servers and our clients is scrambled (or encrypted) in such a way that only they can understand what the other is saying. This prevents anyone else from eavesdropping on the conversation and picking up anything that we don't want them to know.


An independent financial advisor who is powered by Wealthport

is the best decision any investor can make.

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