Digital Billing is a huge money saver.

Switch your paper-based customers to digital bill pay via email and text messaging.

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Have all your KPIs met at once.

Here's how AcceptEmail benefits billers.

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1. Significant savings

Billing & collections processing costs are reduced by up to $2.50 (paper) and $1.00 (online) per item due to lower production costs, less manual process handling, more and quicker payments that always match in the AR system and a significant reduction in inbound calls.

2. Fast Payments

AcceptEmails get paid twice as fast as paper and online bills because they arrive and reside in your customers inbox, which they monitor and manage every day. No registration or login is required, making it easier than ever to pay bills quickly. Fast payments result in lower DSO, less reminders and reduced working capital required for your operations.

3. Happy customers

Higher customer satisfaction results in reduced churn, positive publicity and extended customer retention with increased customer lifetime value.

Empowering you

Wealthport gives you access to industry-leading technology, allowing you to make the best decisions for your clients. Wealthport is also available via mobile devices, allowing for complete anytime access.

A good investment process is critical in today's marketplace.

As a Financial Advisor, you may choose a custom fund selection for your clients or you may partner with an expert Discretionary Fund Manager and make use of the models that they provide.

A model portfolio is significantly more cost effective than a traditional fund solution and makes it easy to deliver a consistent and professional service to your clients. A good investment process and the ability to implement it timeously are critical in today’s marketplace and complex regulatory environment.



Customize your version

Wealthport is the platform that powers and champions the independent advisor and their investors, by providing a simple, effective tool, designed to give them and their clients the best results.

An independent financial advisor who is powered by Wealthport

is the best decision any investor can make.

Streamlined portfolio administration

Wealthport is a platform that encourages and enables online portfolio management and transacting. We also realise the importance of keeping you up to date when it comes to the progress of your instruction, and do so via automated email and SMS correspondence.

Financial advisors are provided with an online portal where they are able to keep track of client portfolios and load instructions on behalf of clients. Any instruction submitted in such a manner for which there are no outstanding requirements may be submitted up until 13h00 for Unit Trusts and ETFs and 10h00 for Money Market Funds in order to be processed that same day.